The Secret Recipes, Benefits & ALL the Uses of Turmeric.

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    Weight Loss.Weight Loss Smoothie

    Curcumin decreases levels of insulin resistance as well as leptin resistance - two factors needed to prevent fat gain.

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    Anti-Inflammatory.Joint & Muscle Pain

    Turmeric can be effective in relieving joint pain, muscle pain and swelling associated with various forms of arthritis.

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    Acne & Skincare.Natural Beauty Treatment

    Treat acne, rosacea, eczema, dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles, scarring - even the removal of those pesky sun spots.

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Secrets of Turmeric teaches you what Turmeric is, why YOU need it, and how to use this amazing natural product. Cooking, Skin Care, Acne, Weight Loss, Pain Relief, Anti-Inflammatory, the list is a long one!

Turmeric is packed full of benefits and this amazing "super food" can truly transform your life. I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about the so-called miraculous benefits of Turmeric. I even dismissed the power of turmeric for a while. I finally studied and tried and tested using Turmeric on everything for 14 long months and what I learn is shocking! Download a copy of my book and learn everything I discovered in detail!

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Secrets of Turmeric (Table of Contents)

Chapter 1
Turmeric Defined
What exactly is turmeric?
Where does turmeric come from?
Overview of Turmeric's Uses and Health Benefits
Turmeric's Health Benefits in a Nutshell

Chapter 2
Potent Anti-Inflammatory Agent
Turmeric Paste for Joint Pain, Muscle Sprains and Strains
Turmeric for Allergy Relief
Turmeric and Raw Honey Allergy Relief Paste

Chapter 3
Turmeric for Natural Beauty
Basic Turmeric Face Mask
The Subcontinental Turmeric Face Mask
Turmeric Facial Cream
Turmeric for Acne
Turmeric for Wrinkles
Turmeric Anti-Wrinkle Mask
Turmeric for Scars
Turmeric-Nutmeg Skin Elixir
Turmeric for Eczema
Turmeric Eczema Relief Oil
Turmeric: Remedy for Boils
The Turmeric Boil Cure
Turmeric to Whiten Your Teeth
Turmeric for Psoriasis
Turmeric for Hair Removal
Turmeric Sesame Hair Removal Paste
Turmeric for Hair Growth
Turmeric Treatment for Hair Growth
Turmeric and Folliculitis
Turmeric as an Anti-fungal Agent
Anti-Candida Turmeric Drink
Turmeric Soap
DIY Spa Day with Turmeric

Chapter 4
Turmeric: Anti-Cancer Agent
The Anti-Cancer Recipe For Everyone
The Cancer-Fighting Golden Milk

Chapter 5
Turmeric's Amazing Antioxidant Properties
Immune-Boosting Turmeric Tea
Turmeric for Bronchitis
Get Rid of Your Bronchitis Drink
Turmeric for Colds and Flu
Lemon Ginger Turmeric Honey Bomb
Turmeric As a Natural Preventative for Diabetes
Turmeric for Weight Loss
The Turmeric Weight-Loss Smoothie

Chapter 6
Cooking with Turmeric
Turmeric Rice
Simple Turmeric Tea
Turmeric Tea for Pregnancy
The Make-Ahead-of-Time Turmeric Drink
Tips for Cooking with Turmeric
Extra Tips for Cooking with Turmeric
Refreshing Turmeric Lemonade
Turmeric Super Juice #1
Turmeric Super Juice #2
Turmeric Super Juice #3
Everyday Turmeric Tonic
Turmeric Morning Detox Tea
Turmeric Honey
Turmeric Hemp Milk
Curried Chickpea Soup
Turmeric Yogurt Soup
Turmeric-Infused Hot Toddy
Gluten-Free Turmeric Orange Coconut Cupcakes

Chapter 7
Turmeric for a Treasure Trove of Health Issues
Turmeric for Depression
Turmeric for Alzheimer's
Turmeric for Gynecomastia
Turmeric for Acid Reflux
Easy Turmeric Mouth Gargle
Turmeric and Cardiovascular Health
Turmeric for Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Turmeric for Diarrhea
Turmeric for Gallbladder Disease
Turmeric for Liver Health
Turmeric for Dogs
Turmeric Daily Doggie Blend

Chapter 8
Turmeric Facts, Brands, Dosage, and Contraindications
Turmeric Nutritional Information
How much Turmeric should you Take? (Daily Dosage)
Contraindications & Side Effects
Where to Buy Turmeric
Turmeric vs. Curcumin Supplements
Best Brands of Turmeric
How to Grow Turmeric